We help our client and fans be authentic by making and selling original merchant including Shirts, hand crafted bracelet, bags, and jewelry.Nim-Tree Audio Studio works with some of the best African designer and curators to help our artist grow.

Mission Statement

Nim-Tree Audio Studio is a limited liability company with 4 primary products; audio recording, instrumental beats production, sound design, and mixing. We help develops the music community by helping independence and signed artists to realize their maximum potentials. This is done by developing relationships with artists, and other recording facilities. We dedicate most of the time helping the artist to find their unique voice. Nim-Tree have all the magical tools needed to help artist sound good regardless of their talents level.

The Message:

  • Today, people wonder what the future hold for musician. If you are one of those people stop it because what is happening is beyond ordinary control. The future of the music industry is dim and bright at the same time
  • Back in the day, musicians had to learn how to play an instrument in other to be considered musician. However, the case is not the same. Nowadays, anyone with a computer can basically produce music. Alvin Toffler, in his book “The Third Wave,” told the story of how the entertainment industry is going to change and pave the way for all the other business to follow back in the eighties but no one believed him and now we are currently in the information age. What this basically mean is that people are now willing to spend money on information justso they can better themselves. If you apply this concept to music and where the road is going, a person will realize that the road to a successful music career has never been easier.
  • Basically, everyone can make music with Pro-Tools,Logic, Reason, Fruity Loops, Acid, Sonic, Samplitude, Ableton, and much more. This has introduced a great amount of competition in the marketplace.
  • At Nim-Tree Audio Studio, we help our client to understand everything they are doing in the studio.