Audio Recording

Sound quality is our number 1 priority and we use top of the line technologies and equipment to give you the best sound. We work with the artist and provide them  tips on how to get the best energy.


We are able to use the right and left brain simultaneously to create music out of no where. Every lyricist goal is to find the right beats and that is where we come in. With Nim-Tree your imagination has no limit. We work with musicians to find the right sound and we can produce instrumentals in any genre.

Sound Design

We are able to manipulate any audio sound for live performance, theatre production to create the right mood. We can evoke the right emotions for any project.

Voice Overs

We are available to work with games, television, audio book narration, and radio stations to send out inter-dimensional message to the right audience. We can record background vocals and align them using VocaLign Pro.


Professional sound quality is our goal. We love music and have been following music trends since our inception. We know and uses the best technologies known in the industry to provide rich sound to our client.